Content and Digital Marketing: What You Can Expect 2014

Digital marketing will never be stagnant. In fact, it seems that it develops and changes at incrementally breakneck speeds. For content marketers, it is imperative to understand and predict what upcoming trends to expect in order to make the right moves now to achieve content goals.

For this next year, here is a list of factors to be aware of in terms of how the game of online marketing is evolving.

1. More Internet Users
This is an absolute undeniable fact. Each and every day, more and more people use the internet and many of these people are generating content. This means that the competition to capture your consumer’s attention is and will continue to become more difficult. It’s simple math. The way to navigate around this issue is to develop an intelligent content strategy that allows you to identify the target audience you are after. From here, a solid evaluation of the product (whether tangible goods or services) is necessary in order to create a larger picture detailing the marketability of said product.

2. Measure Your Metrics
Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, to observe your content’s success or failures, you must track your metrics. Although this has always been important, identifying the right combination of metrics to analyze and target is dependent upon an organization’s goals for content. Note that looking at any metric in isolation can lead to very misleading assumptions. It’s important to adopt across the board analysis in order to create an effective measurement system for content.

3. Across Channels = Integration
As the internet continues to develop and new platforms are created, it can be confusing to decide how to allocate resources in order to implement your content goals. While there is no best answer, the best approach to a solution for this conundrum is to develop better integration techniques and methods. As consumers develop new browsing and shopping habits, their expectations of your content climb. This means that across channels, your content goals should align and project a seamless and consistent experience for your users.

4. Be a Groundbreaker
With all things technological, new is shiny and flashy and more easily draws initial excitement. When it comes to new mediums for content, it helps to maintain a strong, consistent presence on traditional channels while being willing to experiment with the ever-changing digital field of innovation.

As we march into 2014, it will be exciting to observe the evolution and massive changes that the year will bring. There will be challenges and successes for many, failures and steep learning curves for others. The main thing to remember is that it is absolutely essential to remain agile with the delivery of strategic content to ensure you meet the changing needs and expectations of your clients.