Content Writing

Our content writing services start with proven research tools to determine which keywords to use when describing your products or services.

Compelling Content

Whether you need fresh content for your website, blog, email campaigns, or brochures, the content should effectively describe your products or services and include relevant keywords and calls to action.

Attract your target customer

We create keyword-rich, engaging content designed to attract your target customer.

For online content, the keyword process below helps search engines match customers to your products or services.

  • LuCorp takes an initial snapshot of your keywords related to your product line or services.
  • We find out which words prospective customers are actually using in their searches.
  • We give you the relevant and “winnable” keywords to select from and weave into your site content.
  • We embed those keywords in ‘behind the scenes’ elements on your pages and use them in new content and features on your site.

In addition to performing SEO, we craft informative, relevant content that helps transform your readers into customers. Whether you want to share the latest news from your business or industry, provide customers with valuable advice, or simply entertain them, we will ensure that your content enhances your brand and serves as a tool to generate leads.


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