Understanding Quality Score for Pay Per Click Ads

When it comes to core search engine marketing and strategic advice or tactics, Google corners the best practices on the market. Quality Score is a variable that uses a Quality Index to influence rank and cost per click of ads in order to assign an order and appearance rate to listings. In other words, Quality Score is half of the equation in understanding how your ads appear for search engines. The other half is a formula bid that is not privy to internet users on the front end and is subject to modification and methodology changes as our technology evolves and as search engines improve.

Quality Score Purpose and Factors

The purpose of Quality Score is to improve the experience of web-users by curating the selection and appearance of advertising links and converting high-quality clicks. Several factors that contribute to Quality Score for any given ad are as follows:

Ad Copy

Keyword relevance and ad copy contribute to an overall Quality Score and rank.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

One of the most important factors, CTR is how success is measured for any online advertising or email campaign. Click-Through Rate refers to the amount of clicks garnered for appearance by individuals in hopes to convert into business. In other words, the amount of clicks versus the amount of appearances of any one particular ad.

Landing Page

The landing page is one of the most critical elements in contributing to your total Quality Score. From loading time to content quality, relevant and original content boosts landing page quality and thus in turn boosts the total Quality Score.

Miscellaneous Factors
As mentioned above, search engines maintain a veil of information so a complete understanding of total Quality Score components is still unavailable but there are a variety of other factors that can contribute including geographical consideration.

Getting a Boost
Your ability to convey a creative message better improves your statistical chance of more relevant and quality clicks that can strengthen your QS. In addition, delivering additional information in ad extensions and creating authentic and unique experiences can also lend your content a competitive edge.