"What a difference 6 months makes, with the changes that LuCorp has implemented our page rankings and views have soared."

“You and your team have done a great job promoting Pets in the Classroom this past year. Our recent analysis of the “referred by” data supplied by teachers who have received grants makes it abundantly clear that social media, the PIC website and word of mouth referrals from other teachers are our most effective means of promoting the program. You have been instrumental in the success of all of the above. Looking forward to another successful year working with you.”

~ Steven T. King

CAE, Executive Director,The Pet Care Trust

“You have made my job easier from day one and it is my honor to be associated with such a fine group as LuCorp Marketing.”

~ Lew Sutton

CFO, President Emeritus, Pet Care Trust/Pets in the Classroom Board of Directors

“I would like to thank you for the incredible job that you have done. Our three websites not only look great, but also have brought us a lot of new business. You have created an Internet presence for our company that we have never had experienced before. We were able to cut back on other forms of advertising, as most of our clients find us on the Internet. Thank you for your ongoing support."

~ Todd Mattson

DCS Pool Barriers, DCS Industries

“LuCorp Marketing has been a great partner of Paul Martin’s American Bistro. Cindy and her team reviewed our online presence and developed strategies and tactics to improve our rankings online. What a difference 6 months make, with the changes that LuCorp has implemented our page rankings and views have soared. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the LuCorp Marketing team.”

~ Brian Bennett

Operating Partner, Paul Martin’s American Bistro

“Our partnership with Cindy and LuCorp has exceeded our expectations. Cindy and her staff have helped us grow our online presence and have generated new leads through their efforts in tweaking our web site’s SEO, generating new content for our blogs and helping us maintain our social accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Their dedication to us and frequent contact has helped us reach our goal of maximizing the potential of all aspects of online marketing.”

~ Mary Wyld

Wyld’s Wingdom

“The LuCorp team has been phenomenal to work with.  The fundamental understanding of various social media mediums in combination with their knowledge of our product and passion for their work has resulted in them becoming an integral part of our workforce.  Their contribution or our outreach efforts has been valuable and their ability to handle all issues thrown in their direction has been greatly appreciated.”

~ Jessica Guzman

Director of Communications, World Pet Association

“LuCorp Marketing has been working with Coffee Reserve Brands over the last several months to re-develop our online presence and Internet marketing strategies. It has been real pleasure doing business with a team that “does what they say”. To date we have a new website, a structured social media presence, a link building strategy, and they are helping us develop marketing messages that demonstrate our core competencies and showcases what we can deliver to our target markets. They have essentially become our Marketing Department.”

~ Rick Grayson

CEO, Coffee Reserve

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