Marketing and Social Media: An Excellent Partnership

The idea of promotion goes hand-in-hand with the history of doing business. Finding, attracting, and converting audiences into loyal customers and brand ambassadors is not a new concept but the systems available in today’s marketing game offer much more than what our predecessors had to work with.

The methods, approaches, and processes will forever be evolving based on cutting edge technologies, new analytic systems that offer insight and feedback loops, and the developing role of business and consumer positions as they grow and intertwine.

What once was conducted in print alone slowly developed into the realm of radio and television spots. The known platforms then morphed along side the introduction of the Internet and static websites eventually grew into what we know as the social media channels used today.

This partnership between marketing and social media is a powerful tool that enables the opportunity for any business to directly interact and communicate with their key audience. In fact, social media accounts for over 28% plus of all online activity and at LuCorp Marketing, we believe that this number will continue to grow.

Devoting time and attention across multiple channels can help your business harvest the many benefits that social media boasts. Several examples of critical components that can allow you to capitalize on business through social media marketing are:

  • Boosting traffic to your website
  • Gathering and collecting marketplace data and insight
  • Generating more exposure for your business

With an increasing percentage of millennials staying up-to-date with their brands through social networks and the growing power of purchasing online, maintaining your social media presence grants you the power to engage. Creative and original content is the bread and butter of utilizing a multi-channel approach and enables you to establish and maintain constant contact with your customers.


When it comes to responding to customer service inquiries, increasing rates of communication and open dialog, and building lasting relationships, social media marketing provides a quick and integral way for your marketing plan to directly impact your business. By offering a personal brand experience, you can not only strengthen your relationships with your current customers and clients but also explore new target audiences interested in what you have to offer.